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  • I’m helping with this site:

    I want to update this PDF with a new one:

    It is on the left hand side of the all pages – toward the bottom – below the navigation tabs and just underneath the pitch for

    But I cannot find this landing page to upload a new PDF in my WP control panel. I do not find any web page called content/uploads.

    I found the PDF in the library – but again – no landing page for it. I have tried Appearance–> Menu, and all of my Pages, and Posts with no luck.

    Do I just delete the existing PDF from the library and upload the new one – will it automatically feed into the home page link?

    I would like to be able to access all of these left hand boxes below the Home, About Us, Support Us, etc. tabs. Like the Find Us on Facebook, the Amazon box, and especially the Community Announcements.

    We do not have WordPress 3.5. I tried to find what we have but can’t locate it on the Admin page.


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  • I do not find any web page called content/uploads.

    unless I’m mistaken, content/uploads a directory, not a page.

    you could upload the pdf file by media in the admin screen and get uploaded file url and replace the old link to the new one

    THanks deepbevel and viky081

    How do I navigate to or find the content/uploads directory – and what do I do if/when I find it? I might have said the wrong word for a page or directory….

    viky081 – I cannot find the admin screen. I’m a newbie. I found it once weeks ago, but cannot locate it now, again. How do I find that.

    Kind of hate to ask this – but could the former administrator blocked it from me?

    admin screen means your admin panel (dash board)
    From the dash board

    Go to the media (Appear in the left sidebar) and click add new option (on top)

    you could add the file and save the file url or path and place it with the old pdf link


    But I still have a disconnect with what you’re telling me. I do know how to upload a new piece of media – in this case the new PDF.

    It’s your last line… “… place the the new url to the old pdf link”

    I can’t edit or change the old PDF url link in the media library. it won’t let me. So even if/when I upload the new PDF – while I will get a new URL – I still can’t find where the old one lives (outside of the media library) to replace it.

    And that’s what I’m trying to figure out how to navigate to. The location of the old PDF that’s on the Home page on the left hand side. Just uploading a new PDF won’t change what’s already in the web page, right? I have to upload the new PDF and put THAT link in the right web page that says COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENTS Click to download file (PDF). But I can’t locate that page in WP to change the PDF URL.

    Sorry I’m kind of slow here – It’s all been very frustrating for me…

    Your page has a sidebar called text-3 which contains a large text widget. Your notice is encoded in there.

    BStofko – YOU ROCK!

    My PDF is now posted, thanks to you.

    For whatever reason – my widget wasn’t called text-3 like you suggested. I’m not even sure what the name is….


    I found it here: Appearance –> Widgets –> Custom Menu –> Left Side Menu.

    I just put the new URL into the HTML – and – Yea! – Works!!!

    text-3 was the name in CSS.

    Glad to help morgel.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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