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  • Since I set up a lot of wordpress-based sites for clients, and my internet-connection can sometimes be annoyingly slow, I have made a small single-file “installer” that downloads and unzips the current version of WP directly to the server, and those plugins I “always” use.

    However (both because I’d like to make this script publicly available, and because I’m curious and trying to learn a bit more php) – is there a way to get the urls to the current versions of these plugins? Currently I’ve just done it really simple, hardcoding the urls to the different plugins’ zips into the script, and updating the plugisn from inside wp-admin after the install is done.

    So – is there some smarter (but still simple – remember – my php-skills are not the best :)) way I can get the urls to the zipfiles of the current versions of plugins, from “outside” wordpress?

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  • There is, but you’d have to dig through some of the core WordPress code in order to find it. I haven’t had to worrya bout this, but there’s a lot of code inside wordpress that takes care of the updates, so you just have ot find out where that is, read through it, and extract the bits that you need.

    I suspect that it can probably be done a lot simpler than that michael, probably by using the repository/svn.

    OK, so go and do that then, as you make it seem like that’s the easiest way. I do belive that it’s possible, and it would be relatively easy. I haven’t had to write any scripts so far that interact with an SVN server before so I don’t know the complexity of that sort of system.

    Have a look at the TGM Plugin Activation Class at:

    I love this thing, and I use it in several of my themes and frameworks for work with clients.

    Let me know how you get on with it! 🙂


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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