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    Is there a way in the WP Admin interface to find the page ID? I am setting up a wp_list_pages call and need to exclude some pages. However, other than looking in the database, I can’t find a way to see the ID for the specific page I want to exclude.


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  • Preview the page in the dashboard. Then you`ll see the url

    Never mind, I found it myself — sorry.

    None of you may be noobies or novices, but for the many who struggle with trying to find page ID’s (page ID number), the following is an important key. The page ID number will not show in the URL unless you have the “default” setting for “permalinks” under “settings” on left bottom of the WP dashboard for your site.

    If you are using another permalink choice like I do, just go change it back to default temporarily to just check the page ID number, then change it back to what you had after you find the page ID number in the URL.

    This is a much easier way to find the page ID than going into MySQL, which I don’t even understand anyhow.

    Far simpler than that even — to find the Page ID of any Page — is to go to the Publish sidebar on the right hand side of the Edit Page admin page. Then move your mouse over any of the Edit links or the Move to Trash link.

    If your browser has the Status Bar turned on, you will see post= followed by the Page ID in the status bar.

    If not, just right mouse click and look at the URL in the properties. Same post= value.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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