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  • I made and error in the html tag portion of my page. here is a sample of what I made and needs to be replaced.

    <p> </p> Forsyth<h3>homes for sale in forsyth</h3>

    <p> </p> Fulton<h3>homes for sale in fulton</h3>

    It should have been

    <h3>homes for sale in forsyth</h3>

    <h3>homes for sale in fulton</h3>

    This was done on 1000’s of pages.

    I need to know how to remove the first part on all pages. I’m trying to use Search Regex to mass delete that section.

    Can anyone tell me how to accomplish this? Your help is well appreciated.

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  • You can do a search and replace using PHPMyAdmin

    UPDATE wp_posts SET post_content = replace(post_content,"<p> </p> Forsyth<h3>homes for sale in forsyth</h3>","<h3>homes for sale in forsyth</h3>")

    The EXACT fields MUST be used.

    Read up well on this topic first.

    Or, use this plugin:
    CAUTION: Make sure you have a restore-able DB backup

    Also, this can be as simple as editing an export file and then importing it (when done right).

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