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  • Seriously. I’ve looked at (both free and paid) recipe programs til I’m bleary-eyed. Finally stumbled upon Cooked (free version – trouble with paid is there’s no way to test BEFORE you proffer your plastic). But no need here – even Cooked’s free version is…

    This plugin is GENIUS! Easy-peasy, works perfectly, yet allows me to easily customize/tweak it. LOVE the shortcodes, easy to customize them. Even the free version has some nifty surprises: checkboxes to strikeout ingredients; change yield (and auto halve the ingredient quantities), lots of handy print options, etc.

    Oh, and – my main gotta-have was the ability to include images within the directions. This one has that in spades (nice large pics – that link to expandeds in a Lightbox!) Oh, and did I mention the “Gallery”? The “frosting-on-the-cake”!

    Some documentation (apparently “coming soon”) would be nice, but this plugin is so well designed, you really don’t need any.

    Thanks to All at Boxy Studio – WELL.DONE!

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  • Plugin Author Boxy Studio


    Wow, thank you so much for this amazing review of my plugin! I’m so glad that the lack of documentation doesn’t prevent you from using it, I suppose that means I did my job when I spent countless hours designing the user experience and interface. I think you’ll really enjoy Cooked Pro when it’s ready. 😉

    Thanks again!

    OMG – I just discovered the nifty “timer” – very clever!

    And yes, you did a GREAT job on simplifying the UI! That said though… while I’ve been able to figure out most all the options, I do have a couple of quandaries:

    1. Yes, yes that timer is very kewl, but… as displayed, there’s no way to know what it is/what it does. i.e. just a clock icon w/ the number of minutes. No way for the user to know that’s it’s dynamic/is a timer that can be activated by clicking. Thus I suggest some means of a descriptor in the shortcode that precedes the icon with “Click the timer to start:” or some such.

    2. The “YIELDS”/Servings – again, very nifty to be able to change the servings (and automatically double, etc. the ingredient amounts) but…

    Am I missing something? Or… it seems the default is “1 Serving” and the drop-down offers the ability to “Double” or “Triple” that. BUT… Suffice “1 Serving” doesn’t always make sense (i.e. a dozen cookies, or a pan of lasagna – that actually serves 12). OIW, it really needs to allow more options than a single “1 Serving” as the default. Double and Triple works fine as a drop-down, but you need to be able to set a starting quantity besides merely “1 Serving”.

    Also, re: the “YIELDS” – again there’s no way that the user knows to click the “1 Serving” to get the drop down. Better to likewise (as for the timer) have some sort of descriptor like “(Click to increase the servings/quantities)” or some such.

    I was able to tweak both by inserting a bit of text near the Timer and the YIELDS, but… a bit awkwardly as the cooked-info shortcodes don’t allow text on the same line, so any manual descriptor necessarily is a full paragraph space above or below the “YIELDS”.

    Neither of the suggestions above are deal-breakers, but just something that would better let users know that the timer can be activated and the yields can be dynamically changed. Might be an easy code tweak for you.

    In any case – I still think this is a fantastic recipe plugin. I’ve now created a couple of test recipes and set up a “Browse” recipes page – again, the options for browsing all work perfectly, and nice that I can add a blurb for each recipe via the “excerpt” box.

    In short, extremely thoughtfully designed, and beautiful displays – thanks again!

    Plugin Author Boxy Studio


    1. The timer could use some UX updates. I wouldn’t want to put that text before all of them, but perhaps on hover it could say “click to start timer”?

    2. You can set the “Serving Size” to anything from the Nutrition tab. So if you set it to 12 (for a dozen cookies) the servings switcher will have other options (half, quarter, etc.).

    Great feedback, thanks!

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    Perfect! Yes – maybe just “click to start timer” on hover.

    And yes, thanks – as I’m not (yet) interested in the nutrition function I hadn’t bothered to look there. I just tried it and it works great BUT… maybe a hover there as well (e.g. “click for servings options” or some such) as otherwise a user wouldn’t necessarily know they can change the YIELDS quantity.

    I’ve since found a few other glitches/tweaks (like… I don’t seem to be able to “Save as Default” vs. “Apply to All”) but… better I post such questions in the support forum rather than here under “Reviews”.

    In any case – thanks much for a FANTASTIC recipe plugin!

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