• I’ve been a customer of Ninja Forms for a long while, and for the most part it has served me well. However I’ve finally hit my limit and cancelled my renewal. These forms have problems constantly, and fail silently so you never find out your forms are broken until days or weeks later (or the dreaded call from a client asking why they haven’t received a submission in a while).

    I feel like if they refocused on the stability of the core functionality of the product, made testing forms easier, and made managing who is receiving what notifications easier, it would be a 5 star. But at the moment it’s just a mediocre form plugin with a fancy UI.

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  • Plugin Contributor Zach Skaggs


    Hey, @dugabug!

    I am the product owner for Ninja Forms at Saturday Drive. Would you be willing to talk soon about your experiences? Not looking to change your mind at all, I just want to know more about the breakages you’re talking about and experiences with the product, as this experience isn’t typical for most of our users. I want to make sure in the future that we get it right for users like you, though, so understanding your frustrations and pain points are my top priority.

    If you are able and willing, please pick a time here to set up a one on one discussion: https://zachskaggs.youcanbook.me/

    Thank you so much for your time.

    Sounds good, I booked 11am on Wednesday (not sure how that translates to local time, but I’m MST).

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