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    I’ve been using this theme on since… I don’t know, some time back when it was still being updated, I guess. It’s been working fine with all versions of WordPress for years in spite of the fact that it hasn’t been updated. But, unfortunately, 3.7.1 seems to have killed the blog page. check out and see for yourself.

    Based on how little activity there is here, I’d be surprised if I get a response from anybody. But on the off chance that somebody who knows how to fix it sees this… Help?

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  • That theme is over 4 years old –

    Fixed Blix

    You’d really be well advised to find a new theme that’s current and supported.

    I like the way the site looks and don’t feel like going through the pains of a full redesign, which would definitely have to happen if I switched themes. I guess the mentality of “always update” doesn’t work when your theme hasn’t been updated in 4 years, though. Can’t see a reason why I actually need WP to be updated, so I’m just going to rollback until I have one that justifies taking the time to redesign the site to work with a new theme.

    It would appear the rollback isn’t the solution either, so maybe it’s not a WP update that’s causing the problem. I can’t think of what else I may have done to break that container, though. It was working prior to the last post I made, and restoring files to a month prior hasn’t done anything, nor has overwriting the existing WP install with 3.6.1 files.

    Can’t see a reason why I actually need WP to be updated

    Using an outdated version of WP is a major security risk, so that’s really not a good approach. If your site gets hacked, you’ll have much more serious problems :).

    As to the current problem, these markup errors may be relevant:

    Fixed it. Still don’t have any idea what caused it to go wrong in the first place, but adding “overflow:hidden” to the container that was going wonky stopped it from doing it.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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