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    Form last yr I was working on a theme that will be 100% blocks and last week my theme got selected in the wordpress.org.

    This is the theme https://wordpress.org/themes/bizberg/
    Demo: https://bizberg.cyclonethemes.com/

    I have created this theme using your plugin and my plugin elegant blocks specially made for that theme. All the pages in that site are created by blocks.

    Some difficulty I faced when working with your plugin are as follows

    1. No slider blocks

    2. The desktop layout is great but in tablet and mobile, I had some problem bcoz you have some fields(spacing) that are only for desktop and I cannot control mobile and tablet spacing.

    3. In column settings there is border but I cannot control individual border eg. If I just want border-top or border-right that is not possible.

    I can think of those three right now. But I like your plugin very much. I will be using your plugin for all of my new themes.

    Thank you for the great plugin. If possible plz make a slider block.

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    Hey @cyclonetheme ,

    Thank you for reaching us out.
    We would like to congratulate you on your theme approval. We are glad you love our plugin.

    We do have slider block, but not a literal slider block. We have sliders and form of Testimonial or Post Carousel. Do you mind sharing a few references here for what exact slider are you expecting here?

    Also, the detailed border and spacing are sometimes a problem. We will surely look into it and see what could be done.

    Vrunda Kansara

    As you can see here https://bizberg.cyclonethemes.com/, the main slider at the top with image, title, subtitle, description, and button.

    Yes, testimonial block can be used as a slider but there is no background image that will slide.

    Plugin Support Team Brainstorm Force



    Indeed. I will surely ask my team to work on similar grounds.

    We appreciate your efforts to bring this to us.

    Vrunda Kansara

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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