• After many years of being stuck with sub-standard WordPress invoicing solutions, Dan has unleashed what is finally a perfect solution for WordPress invoicing. I will say this though, if you are not using the premium version of this plugin, you are missing out on the best parts of this solution. To top it all up, the support given by Dan is second to none. Every time I have an issue (or even a suggestion), Dan makes me feel like I’m the only one he’s catering to. I can honestly say Dan offers some of the best customer support I have encountered for any WP plugin, or theme, paid or free.

    If you do not want to pay recurring fees on an annual basis, Dan now offers the Extended Business License which is good for 3 years, and that is just awesome. You may have to dig around a little bit however, to find this piece of gold on the Sproutapps website, but I’ll save you the trouble. Just look under the “Is there a Lifetime Updates and Support Option?” under FAQs.

    Thank you Dan.

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