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  • Plugin Author Gabriel


    First of all, thank you everyone for your feedback and feature requests!
    I have gone though the list and below you will find the new features coming to myCRED 1.2.

    New Features:

    • Inline editing of users points directly from your Users list in the admin area. The option to change users points when editing their profile will still be available.
    • Points for viewing embedded videos. I will start off with YouTube videos but if anyone has experience with other services please let me know.
    • Option to sort users in the User list according to their points balance.
    • Sort BuddyPress Members list according to points balance.
    • Sort Log ASC/DESC.
    • Option to set a limit for awarding points for “Adding Post to Favorites”.

    New Add-on:

    • Banking Allows you to charge / offer interest on point balances based on preset time-frames (hourly / daily / weekly / monthly / annually ). Will also support setting a fee (amount or percent) for buying Points or paying using points.

    Add-on Updates:

    • Gateway. Added support for Event Manager and Event Espresso.
    • Ranks. Added support to assign ranks according to total accumulated points or current points balance. This way, your users can use their points to buy items without loosing their Rank.

    Plugin Support:

    • Event Espresso
    • Sensei

    Premium Plugins
    In August I will the first premium add-on for myCRED bringing you some more advanced / special features. I intend to use these premium plugins to help develop myCRED. These plugins will be available though our website and will bring no limitations to existing features.

    • Lottery. Allows you to setup lotteries where users can buy tickets to or pick winning numbers.

    myCRED Website
    The website will be offline from July 29th – August 1st for the 1.2 Update.

    Support for Third Party Plugins
    It’s not going to be possible for me to add support for all third party plugins. So from now on, support for major plugins will be included in myCRED while all other plugins that you request, and those I can help you with, will be posted on our website instead.
    This way, those who use these plugins can just copy and paste the code from our site to their installation to add support that way.

    With myCRED 1.2 I will also add a support forum on our website. This support forum is good but I want to have more control over questions with several forums instead of everything under one. So with the 1.2 Update, I will prioritise our own support forum!

    Also, I plan on introducing a reward system on the website for those who help support this plugin. More on that later.

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  • Hi Gabriel,
    I don’t know if anyone requested this feature before !?

    This feature would allow to set up a “different” price when creating custom buy now cred using shortcode. Maybe something as simple as:
    [mycred_buy_form gateway=”” amount=”” price=”” etc etc]

    Sometime, it would / could be useful on promotions or special situation.


    Hi Gabriel.

    First, just want to say, fantastic plugin.
    I love how easily customizable MyCred is.

    Secondly, I wanted to ask if it would be possible
    to add support for BuddyPress Activity Plus,
    since the current relaunch of BuddyPress Media
    has currently made it difficult for many of us
    trying to create a media upload system for our
    BuddyPress-powered-site users.

    I would LOVE to see this added in a future MyCRED update!

    Either way, good luck with MyCRED 1.2!


    When for the next update please? I’m asking about the ability to buy an event manager ticket with points.


    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Hi Liensenor

    Around the 3-5th August. Depending on how much free time I have.

    OK Gabriel,

    I will wait for that. Do you confirm that we will have that feature on the site? Thanks

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    That is the plan.

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    If you are interested liensenor, you could download the beta2 which has the “Pay for tickets with Points” feature and try it out.

    You can find the beta under the “Developers” tab here on myCRED’s WordPress page. Under “Other Versions” you should see “Development version” which gets you the latest copy from the trunk.

    Hi Gabriel,


    But how to setup that new feature? I don’t see any specific option.


    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Just as with the shopping carts:

    1. Make sure Events Manager is setup and running.
    2. Activate Gateway add-on
    3. Go to Events > Settings > Bookings (you will need rsvp enabled)
    4. Click on the myCRED Payments box on the bottom of the page
    5. Set your settings
    6. Save

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Please send any bugs or issues though our websites bug report form.


    But in the booking form, i don’t see any button or option giving me the ability to pay with points. How to display it?

    Can you give me the complete process please?


    Plugin Author Gabriel


    First I should mention I built this with the free version of Events Management plugin. So I do not know how, if at all, things differ if you are “Pro”.

    Payments is done under “My Bookings”. If a user has enough points or the user is not excluded form using myCRED, they will see the “Pay” link next to “Cancel”. Clicking on this link will bring forth the payment form which shows your current balance, the amount that will be charged and your balance after payment. A user then clicks on the Pay button and though AJAX their account is charged. Once payment is completed the “Pay” link will disappear.

    Hi Grabriel,

    I have desactivated my pro version and opened the event on another browser but nothing. I don’t see any mycred option in event booking.

    You can view that page here :

    Do you have somes steps ? or Screeshots?


    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Please contact me though our website as this is off topic and Ill see if I can help you out.

    I can download the beta version ? i like testing plugins…

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