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  • I have been working on my site for sometime now. I have used this forum in helping me fine tune many aspects of it. What I am left with is a series of “smaller” questions to finish off the design. I know you are supposed to limit each post to one question, but consolidating minor issues in one may make it less messy. Thank you for all help ahead of time.
    theme: red train

    How can I change the number tags next to the categories to a different color than the main content? I have changed the value from white to black for both, but now need to change those numbers to #C7BDA1 to match the links.

    2)How can you change the colors of the “a” tags created by the loop without changing the links on the right of the page? example: uncategorized>photography>people I want that link style to be different than the categories as listed to the right. (I made a second class to change the page title links, but don’t know how to apply a new class to the loop content, if that’d even work).

    3) Following the link to “online form” looks fine in all browsers but IE? Any thoughts on how to modify the code so that IE displays this as Firefox/Opera do?

    4) IE also leaves a space between graphics on the bottom of my page, any ideas?

    Thanks again!!!!!

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    1. A new declaration to your CSS should fix the first issue. Try somehting like this:
      ul#navi-innen3 li{color:#C7BDA1; font-weight:bold;}
      I think that should do it.
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