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  • Plugin Author Gabriel


    First of all, thank you to everyone who took the time sending me your requests and ideas. I spent the weekend going though everything and have now compiles a list of new features coming to myCRED.

    For those of you who have expressed interest in helping me Beta test, please contact me through the website with an email address I can reach you on and if there is any particular feature you would be interested in focusing on. My goal is to start beta testing next monday (June 10th) and launch 1.1 the weekend there after.

    Please note that during this week while developing I might not be able to answer any support question as quick as I have done so far so I hope you bear with me.

    Feature Requests that did NOT make the cut for 1.1

    • Cart66
      After some chat with the authors of Cart66, I have learned that you can not add a new payment gateway without making changes in the plugins core files. In light of this, once 1.1 has been launched I will create an online tutorial showing Cart66 users how to add myCRED as a payment gateway instead of adding support for it.
    • Mingle Forum
      I have had a look at this plugin and having a hard time finding a way to detect when a new forum post or forum reply is added. I have contacted the author of the plugin and waiting for reply. Due to time constraints and since I don’t know when we will find a solution I will postpone
      this till then.

    1.1 Features:

    Gateway Add-on:
    – Added support for MarketPress Shopping Cart

    Sell Content Add-on:
    – Added support for letting purchases “expire” after certain number of hours (which could be translated into days/weeks etc).
    – New AJAX driven shortcode [mycred_sell_this_ajax] for selling content. (note that using AJAX will prohibit you from using multiple shortcodes in a single content. For this you will need to use the existing [mycred_sell_this] shortcode).

    buyCRED Add-on:
    – Added support for Zombaio payment gateway. Due to my short development period I will add support for other gateways though out June and July once 1.1 is done.

    Core Feature changes:
    – White-Labelling. You will be able to replace the myCRED label with your own.
    – myCRED Leaderboard widget will have the same options as the mycred_leaderboard shortcode allowing for offset and change of order.

    Support for Third-Party plugins:
    WP Polls. Award/deduct users for voting in polls. Note. If you allow users to vote more then once, then they will be awarded points for each time they vote.
    Events Manager. Award/deduct points for users signing up for events.
    WP Favorite Posts. Award/deduct points when users add a post to their favorites. Option to remove points if post is remed.

    New Template Tags:
    – General: %blog_name%, %blog_url%, %num_members%, %blog_info%.
    – User related: %balance%, %balance_f%.

    New Shortcodes:
    [mycred_give amount=””] – Insert into custom pages or posts where by you award the visitor x amount of points.
    [mycred_link href=”” title=”” target=”” amount=””]Link Title[/mycred_link] – This shortcode will return a link that awards points for users who click on them. Will require Javascript to be enabled!
    [mycred_send amount=””] – To be inserted into comments or forum replies allowing users to give a preset number of points to the comment- or forum reply- author.

    New Add-ons:
    Email Notices – This add-on lets you setup email notices that are sent to either the user, the administrator or both for particular instances. For example when a users balance changes, user buys content that are set for sale, tops up their account etc.

    Rankings – Allows you to setup ranks users can reach depending on their points balance.

    Bug Fixes:
    Compatibility Issue with WP_Stack – Thank you ‘clariner’ for providing a quick solution for this.

    myCRED Website:

    New Tutorials:
    – Using a central “Bank” account. In this tutorial I will show you how you can setup your myCRED installation to award points from a central “bank” account with the option to stop awarding points if the bank goes bust.

    – Introduction to Multiple Point Types. This will be a tutorial for those who would like to keep track of multiple point types. I will give you a few examples on how this can be accomplished.

    – myCRED Modules 101. Just like myCRED Hooks 101 this tutorial gives an introduction into how myCRED Modules work and how you can create your own add-ons.

    – Add myCRED Support for Cart66. In this tutorial I will show you how you can add myCRED as a payment gateway to Cart66.

    With myCRED 1.1 we will be introducing a showcase page on our website.

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  • When will the new version be released?

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Next Monday

    1.1 will be delay?

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Only 2 hours 🙂

    Excellent release!

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Glad to hear you like

    Have you had time for creating your tutorial on how using a central “Bank” account? thanks

    Plugin Author Gabriel



    Its in the works but not yet done.

    key no problem. will wait

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    Hey fcpro

    Here is the tutorial for having a central bank account.

    wow thanks, great tutorial (having a central bank account), very generous of you!

    Question for you (according to your expertise, experiences and knowledge of mycred)on a network of marchants vendors/authors (using central bank):
    would you go for 1 website installation with many vendors/authors shop accounts or you would go for a multisite of shop installation with one vendor/authors per site ?

    What is best for myCred plugin to work at it’s full potential?
    * customers (reg. user account) are from network (log and sign up).

    Please “All” share your point of view 🙂

    Plugin Author Gabriel


    The tutorial in question was built with a singel WordPress installation in mind. It can be used on a Multisite installation but then it would have one bank account per site.

    Theoretically, it is possible to create a central bank account for Multisite installations, i.e. a user account on your main site. Then you would insert the filter on each sites theme. But it would require a few custom functions. For example, you would need to do a DB query that focuses on your main site to get the banks balance for example.

    I will look into this as soon as I have time.

    Thanks – It’s understood – central bank account is best and possible now on single WP installation.

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