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[Resolved] Filters on Comment Content

  • It would be nice if you allowed us developers to apply filters on get_comment_content before you parse it for Crayons. Your code ignores it because when you capture your Crayons in the_posts filter, you access $comment->comment_content directly and therefore bypassing any filters other developers may have set. We might want to mangle the comments before your Crayon plugin takes control – perhaps I want to limit some of the settings a user adds to a crayon. I think it would be a simple fix if you just applied filters manually when you grab the content:
    $captures = self::capture_crayons($comment->comment_ID, apply_filters('get_comment_text', $comment->comment_content, $comment), array(CrayonSettings::DECODE => TRUE));


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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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