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  • Well, so many years that WordPress is running, and still today we don’t have filters to search for themes or plugins.

    Keyword is not enough. I want to know the best reviewed, tested with my version or not, and if not, how long it’s not updated (maybe I want to risk if the plugin is not updated for a few months, but it has good reviews).

    If not filters, at least to organize the search somehow.

    Trying to find if there’s some plugin to turn gray scale images into colored images on hover, and it’s just impossible, when I found something, it’s not updated for 5 years.

    Man, 5 f***ing years! Why that still on the list?

    I think it’s not complicated to release this function.

    And update this community to better rank on Google Search, because is so hard to find some specific topics here too.

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  • Please make a comment on this ticket:
    Perhaps that will help get it moving again.

    Be aware that well-written code does not need updates. Some things are simply static and don’t change. So judging a plugin based on last updated date is questionable. “A few months” is a very short time for software, especially free software.

    For your quest of gray scale to colored: This is a few lines of CSS, so you might not find a plugin for that.

    There are people working on the SEO of the entire network of sites. It’s a big job.

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