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    I love this plugin, its works perfectly. But it has three flaws.

    The first is that it does not seem to santise all the external data returned. Eg get_description should alwasy be a plain text string so you should probably run it through something like sanitize_text_field. Similarly for get_thumbnail etc.

    The second is someth sort of caching mechanism. This is absoluely vital as the plugin should not be refetching the foreign content each time. Nte I could be wronf on this as I have not devled through the whole code. the logical approach here would be to cache the templated data in post meta in a similar way to existing oemebed handler eg eg _embed_extended_url_hash

    The third thing it needs are some filters to values returned by the functions that return the data from the html strings (eg a filter on the url returned by get_thumbnail for instance). This is not vital at all but would be really nice to have.

    Thankyou again for this plugin though, it is magnificent but it does need a couple of things to make it perfect.

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    Thank you for your feedback and suggestions!

    We aware of the caching mechanism issue (or lack thereof) of the initial version of the plugin and are working to fix this for the next version update. We will also try to include data sanitation and filters so that the data output is more secure and customizable.

    Please stay tuned 😉

    Plugin Author Rudy Susanto


    Hi @shawfactor,

    I have updated the plugin with some improvements. It also includes a caching mechanism, data sanitation, and also filter hooks as you previously requested. Please check it when you have time.


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    That is perfect, many thanks 5 stars

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