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  • Somethings I was thinking of as I consider the implications of starting an archive to which many authors can post to (many of whom the webmaster will never meet in real life or even online):

    • I don’t need need to have bad words filtered but it’s a feature I see on bulletin boards, that I think would be nice to have. Filter and replace is nifty too. :-p A couple of days ago, at a (vbulletin) message board I mod at, a bunch of us mods were joking around. “Let’s change all instances of the main character’s misspelled name and replace it with ‘I can’t spell!'” (We mods never would do that, but it was fun coming up with a list.) Actually, what we do is filter bad words to asterisks or leave the field blank to delete the word.
    • HTML tags filtering the way these support forums do. I like the idea of allowing people to put in their own html tags but, (and this is an idea I got from LiveJournal) I would like to disallow javascript for security reasons. Either let the admin enter in a list of tags to allow, or a list of tags to disallow.
    • I like that the admin can restrict uploads to certin types of files, but (again from LJ) how about disallowing Flash? (src="something.swf"). Although that’s prolly similar to words filtering and/or tags filtering.
    • Publicly accessible profile pages. Right now, index.php?author=1 results in a list of the author’s stories. It’s possible to add the fields to each entry — othernames, IM, email, website, misc details — but for streamlining the index.php page I rather not. I think a profile page should have the author and author’s info at the top of the page, and then (optionally) a list of their stories. Right now, these author info tags can only be displayed within an entry and I’d like to be able to use them outside an entry. It’s a feature I see in message boards and I think it’d be a way for WordPress to have more community building features.
    • An Automated Archive style advanced search interface would be nice for users who don’t know how to use query strings such as index.php?m=200107&s=hotdog.

    No rush though. I’ve been working off the 2/14/04 build and I have everything I need to start a multi-author archive. All these above features are just wants.

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  • “Publicly accessible profile pages.”
    Actually, I just made a hack for this two nights ago, which I have yet to release to the general public (hopefully sometime today or tomorrow.) You can view how it works on my site.
    Is that what you’re looking for?

    Oooh. This fits my needs. Thanks.

    Forbidden text is simple, just modify photomatt’s acronym hack
    or this word-replacement hack
    Actually, come to think of it, I wrote my own acronym hack, and I think my regular expression is in better shape than the one on phottomatt’s.
    Copy that file to your server, and then include it, and use add_filter to make wordpress use it.
    To make it REPLACE words instead of turning them into acronyms … you would edit that list of words, and then change the replacement line to this:
    $text = preg_replace(“|([\s\>])(“.$acronym.”)([\s\<\.,;:\\/\-])|imsU” , “$1”.$description.”$3″ , $text);
    Of course, someone could get around to re-writing one of these hacks as a simpler word-filter which just puts *** in — instead of making you define a replacement for every word (Although I like the idea of putting in funny words like “kittens” to replace “s**t” … that’s what we do on the forum I moderate)


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