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  • Hi,

    I’m working on a site with multiple authors (users that are “editors”), and it has a feature that lists all authors with posts by displaying their avatars (which click-through to their author archive pages).

    I added a custom meta field to the user profile, that is the “industry” to which each author belongs (“teamtitle”), and I’m displaying that field on the authors’ pages. So far so good.

    NOW, I want to create a filter of some sort, that basically lists the industries (the values from the custom field “teamtitle”) right above the authors’ avatars, and that when a user clicks on a given industry, the list of avatars is refreshed/filtered (without reloading the page) to show only the authors whose “teamtitle” matches that value (i.e. only authors that belong to the “Engineering” industry).

    Any ideas on how such a filter can be accomplished?

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