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  • I’ve been searching all over the net and cannot find an efficient way to do this.

    Is there a way to build/code a filter search results by category. Problem is, I found ways to do this via the search form by using a drop down, but it’s not that easy. My employer is looking to have the results funnel into let’s say 3 separate category columns. So a visitor comes to the “basic” search text box (form) puts in their keyword and the search renders information but segragated in 3 different categories.

    Example: Let’s say this is for an auto mechanic site.

    Search term is “wheel”.

    WP renders the searched keyword “wheel” and displays its findings on the search.php page. However, when it produces its result, it lays out like this. (Each heading is a category within WP)

    Search Results

    Rotor wheel

    Steering wheel

    Clutch Flywheel

    Is there a way for WP to produce results by entering a keyword and rendering that keyword contained for the category it resides in?

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