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  1. Paulnicole
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    I am sorry if I ask a question that has a clear answer on the forums already (although I have looked and still need to ask).

    I have the zeebizcard theme for my resume site and want to be able to filter out my own site views and maintenance visits. I used the site as a static site (no blogs) and i believe I have a dynamic IP address for my computer. My GA account uses Universal analytics.

    When I search for answers on the forums I usually find answers are between 1 years and 4 years old and I cannot ever tell how applicable they remain.

    I have found this link here http://digitalmeasure.me/post/67259212259/remove-employee-visits-from-google-universal-analytics

    and would like an opinion as to whether I should follow this methodology for my WP 3.8.1 installation? or if not - how to do it.

    As an aside I also have a twenty fourteen theme site and would like to have the same filter on it so I can tell who's visiting my site in reality.

    I look forward to your guidance on this, with many thanks.

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