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  • I’m not sure I understand what you want to do, but if it’s what I think you are asking, this article may help (scroll to step 4):

    @coopersita thanks for your link, but it is not what I am looking for. I know and also implemented all of these before.
    I’ll try to explain again.
    Let’s say I have a post type named ‘courses’, and for this post type I have a meta field which is the ‘course status’ and its value can be on or off.
    On the admin page that shows the list of all courses I put in the UI the field of the course status.
    But let’s say I want now to filter and view only the courses with status ‘on’ or only courses with status ‘off’.
    If it is a category, there is the select box that can be used to filter and view only certain categories, but how can I add some filters to custom meta fields?

    I hope I am more clear now and that someone has a clue how to achieve this..


    Any new ideas about that?


    You should check out this plugin:

    Not made by me but I use it and works perfect.

    @ryan_b Thanks a lot for the code!
    This is a good basis I can develop from.
    I don’t really need to have in the filter select box all the custom
    fields that are defined in the db.

    Truth is that I tried to manually add the GET parameters meta_key & meta_value to the url, but it didn’t work.

    Another interesting issue, do you think there’s a chance to filter by 2 different mata_keys & values?
    For example, I put my needed meta_key name as a hidden input field, and my select box is for values that in the meta_values for this key.

    Now, If I will add another one, is it possibe to have url such as –…..&meta_key=aaa&meta_value=value_aaa&meta_key=bbb&meta_value=value_bbb

    I afraid it’s not optional, so if not, how can double filtering by more than one meta keys can be done? I have no idea for this possibility right now…

    @maorb: with the plugin suggested by Ryan_B, the parameters to use is ‘mk’ instead of ‘meta_key, and ‘mv’ instead of ‘meta_value’

    @bedex78 : Thanks, I know that, I read the code and changed it to have ‘mk’ as hidden input field with the ‘meta_key’ I needed and the ‘mv’ is now for me a select box of the values for that key, I changed the code and the mySQL query to handle this.

    But what I wondered was, that before using the plugin, I tried to add to the url itself the ‘meta_key’ and ‘meta_value’ GET parameters, to check if it’s possible at all to filter by them. Somehow that didn’t work and that was strange. Maybe it is a must to hook through the ‘restrict_manage_posts’ filter and add the values to the ‘request’ filter?
    That is just interesting to know, but using the code and changing it worked fine.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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