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    Hi, Hoping I can get some help or even just some pointers please.

    I’ve been searching for a solution for a few days now and not really any closer to finding what I want.

    I have a site where there are essentially 2 menu’s, these are made up of categories. Lets say the top menu is a list courses; Language, Cooking, Art and Science. The Second menu is made of regions, Asia, North America, Western Europe etc.

    What would ideally happen is, that when someone clicked Cooking, they would be shown all the posts related to Cooking, but then if they clicked North America while still on the Cooking section, they would see Cooking courses in North America.

    Someone recommended that I look at wp query & category__and, along with the pre_get_posts hook to alter the query, however, I’m lost of how to put them all together to get what I want… I’m still relatively new to WP and mostly self taught.

    I hope the above makes sense, would appreciate any help.

    Many thanks.

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