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  • I’m currently using WP2.5 with the Virtual Multiblog plugin which allows you to create multiple blogs with only one installation of WP.

    I have setup a subdomain called blog on my domain with webspace: blog.webserver.tld

    I have made a symlink subdomain for an other domain: other.webserver.tld

    I have set the DNS of other.tld to point to other.webserver.tld and everything you add to the other.tld URL fill be forwarded to other.webserver.tld as well. So, when you add /wp-admin you do enter the login just like you would on other.webserver.tld/wp-admin.

    So far so good everything works fine. Now my question: is there a way to change the base url output within the (K2) theme I’m using? I would like to get (perma)links like http://other.tld/whatever/ instead of http://other.webserver.tld/whatever/. Is there something like a build in filter for modifying output of themes that I can use to achieve this?

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