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    Hi WC team,

    I have a WC store with 20 products, selling in only one country, with 3 different payment methods (COD, bank transfer, credit card).

    5 of those products are virtual. I want to make those 5 products available for purchase for all of the world, but only accept one payment method (credit card).

    Furthermore I need to ensure that as soon as a customer adds a physical product in their cart, they are only seeing the only one country with the 3 different payment methods of the first case, and maybe a notification that mixed products are not available for purchase worldwide.

    Therefore no one should be able to purchase physical products outside from that one country, but everybody would be able to purchase virtual products wherever they are located in the world.

    Is there any plugin you could recommend which would do this?


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  • Plugin Author Mike Jolley (a11n)


    Hi there,

    If I understand correctly, you’re looking to allow some virtual products to be sold worldwide, whilst preventing physical goods from being shipped worldwide.

    Out of the box, I think shipping zones can satisfy the shipping requirement. If you only set up shipping for a single country, any non-virtual products won’t be purchasable because no shipping options will be available. Virtual products don’t need shipping, so those purchasers would not be blocked unless they had a mix of virtual and non-virtual items.

    For the limiting on payment methods, I think that needs an extension. One I am aware of that definitely supports this is [Conditional Shipping and Payments](https://woocommerce.com/products/conditional-shipping-and-payments/). Not only does this allow restrictions on payment methods and shipping, it lets you show a message on checkout too so customers are aware of the rules.

    Hope that helps.

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    Hi @mikejolley ,

    Thank you for the insight. I too think that plugin should work fine. We are about to try it out (any day now) so I’ll let you know how it goes.


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