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  • This repeater field is being called from another page with ID of 8.
    This repeater field is called: ‘location’
    Within it I have several subfields like:’name’, ‘city’ and ‘phone’.

    I want to display any results where ‘city’ matches value of ‘denver’

    Would this be considered a filter or conditional?

    This seems like it should be simple, but very confusing to me…
    Any help or direction is much appreciated!

    // The following displays all

    <?php $other_page = 8; ?>

    if( have_rows(‘location’, $other_page2) ): ?>

    <?php while( have_rows(‘location’, $other_page) ): the_row(); ?>

    <h4><?php the_sub_field(‘name’); ?> (<?php the_sub_field(‘city’); ?>)</h4>

    <p><strong>Phone:</strong> <?php the_sub_field(‘phone’); ?> <br>
    <strong>Fax:</strong> <?php the_sub_field(‘fax’); ?> </p>

    <?php endwhile; ?>
    <?php endif; ?>

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