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  • When I started my blog, I read that link targets were no longer supported, so I didn’t use them, even though I always loved and expected outside links to open in new windows. Whatever, those wacky w3c people and their standards.

    Recently, I was advised by a “real” webmaster to have all of my outside links open in new windows, or I’d lose a lot of visit time. Sigh. I read those arguments that “people” “hate” new windows opening all over the place. Sigh, sigh, sigh.

    I don’t know what really is right, but I listened and changed a lot of past links, and have been using targets (with rel=”external”) ever since. But this is hard to do, without Dreamweaver or a prompt in Word Press (hey, there’s an idea, but oh yeah, I’m sure WP Peeps want to be “correct” *boo*). And I still have months worth of posts opening in the same window (and thus confusing browsers [as in PEOPLE browsing old archives]). Bum.

    A filter (even if not correct) would help me out here. I don’t know about the validity. It would also not be too useful with in-blog links (and brings me to the question about whether it can be overridden with typing a target), but it would still be worth it.

    Thanks for your help, and I hope you understood that. 🙂

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  • I guess I’m one of those “people” who “hates” links opening new windows, if only because I like to decide that for myself. But I’m not one to preach, so a couple “automagic” methods you might consider are:

    1. Set up a bit of javascript that lets readers decide whether links open in the same or a new window. One is found here:

    2. A plugin of mine can be used to slip in a target attribute for links:

    I prefer 1 for the choice it gives readers, and the script linked to can filter out links with your domain in them. 2’s more generic nature doesn’t offer such filtering, but for obvious reasons I’ve a fondness for it.

    A third option is to tell any “real” webmasters it’s actually a smart idea to treat your readers like you’d want them to treat you…

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