Filter out uncomplete code snippets for WP 2.1? (1 post)

  1. lonetrotter
    Posted 9 years ago #

    Couldn't we just make a filter rule that makes empty strong and ems go away - like the one with breaks (although Im in favor of taking that rule out)? Wouldn't that be a good idea for the 2.1 update?

    For example just remove </em> and </strong> if there is no <em> and <strong> before them.

    Now if you write "hey <strong>fatty</strong> hang <strong>
    loose</strong> cause everything's ok" in the wysiwyg and save - everything look right:

    "hey fatty hang
    cause everything's ok"

    But the - if you editing the post - marking "fatty" it will let the <strong> be left.


    "hey hang loose cause everything's ok"

    instead of

    "hey hang loose cause everything's ok"

    If you have a large page - it can make the whole page look very odd - eith a whole page formatted in italic or strong .

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