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  • I’m trying to put a feed on one wordpress blog that picks up feeds from another one that are about ‘biodiversity.’ All relevant posts are in the ‘biodiversity’ tag and category both. The feed works perfectly until I put in “filter=”biodiversity” at which point I get nothing. There are plenty of posts about biodiversity but none are terribly recent, is that why it’s not working?

    Post is here:

    contains [hungryfeed url=”” filter=”biodiversity” item_fields=”title,description,date” max_items=”3″ truncate_description=”100″ link_target=”_blank”]

    Thanks for your help!

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  • Plugin Author Jason


    Hi, the filter feature in HungryFEED is very simplistic and just looks in the subject and text of the post for the term that you set as the filter. it doesn’t check the category or tags. Although that’s a good idea.

    But, since your source feed appears to be a WordPress blog, you can use that to generate a custom feed that pre-filters for tag that you want by using this as your url:

    notice how the tag is part of the url – it will already be filtered. WordPress lets you specify feeds for any tag or category. basically in WordPress you can put “/feed/” on the end of just about any url and it will work.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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