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  • beatricefromitaly


    Hi, I just set up the plugin but it doesn’t seem to filter products.
    I saw it’s not the first time happening.
    I would like to solve the problem instead of choose another plugin.
    Thank u

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  • Plugin Author themifyme



    Could you post the URL where we can see the problem?

    looks like assigning the shop module this class: wpf-search-container shows the results.
    Check through the comments here:

    But it looks like basically at start it loads the Divi shop module, then as soon as you filter it replaces the content of the shop module with the selection from the product filter.
    I hope there was a way to have all products shown by the Themify plugin by default and then by selecting the categories it would just filter them.
    Also refreshing the page or going back to the shop page from a product page doesn’t show the result. I wish people could just push the back button on the browser and go back to their filtered results.

    Anyway, excellent plugin!

    Plugin Author themifyme


    Sorry, not too sure what you mean. Did you resolve your problem?

    If you like the plugin, please give us a rating here:

    No, not yet.
    So let’s say you have a page with the “shop” module from Divi and it shows the products according to the settings in that divi module.
    In order for the plugin to work, I have to assign the class “wpf-search-container” to the divi shop module.
    In this page I have the filter I have set from your plugin.
    Now I start clicking on some checkboxes.
    When I do that the content of the divi shop module gets filled by the search result of the plugin.
    Then I un-flag the checkboxes so basically I show all products, and the page that shows looks to me like the Product Filter search result page, of course showing everything.
    So basically the initial list of products the I got when I opened the page and the one I have at the end are not the same. The first is coming from the divi shop module, the last from the Product Filter results.
    Would be nice to have already at the beginning the Product Filter results page with all products.

    Could I replace the divi shop module with another module, eg “text” and give it the class “wpf-search-container”? would that work?
    Also I noticed something else… not sure if I can use this same post… but I’ll try.
    When I use the “product title” option in the plugin, the results of the products variations are shown as: “test product – (& # 8211;) variation”.
    Is there a way to replace that – (& # 8211;) with the right character? Or even better not show at all the variations? But just the main product?
    Thanks a lot!

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    Hi, I am having the same problem. The plugin works, but it doesn’t filter the Divi Shop Module. Can you help?

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