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  • Hello, reading around about this woocommerce trouble it seems that nobody has still solved this frustrating problem.
    I have a product A (for exmple a shoe) in three variations SIZE 1 – SIZE 2 – SIZE 3 and have created 3 corrisponding variations of the product with 3 SKUs.
    Product A size 1 1 in stock
    Product A size 2 0 out of stock
    Product A size 3 1 in stock

    If a customer, in the shop page, filter the attributes searching only for “size 2” products, the result will show up also the product A with the size 1 and 3 and without of course the size 2 (the one that the customer was actually searching)

    This is very frustrating because if i filter for a size 2 i don’t want that the filter will show up dozens of product without that size in stock at the time of my search but only the products that now have the size 2 in stock.
    Customers don’t care if the size 2 was in stock some weeks or months ago but want to see what is in stock now
    It seems that no filter plugin around can solve the issue.
    The team of YITH AJAX PRODUCT FILTER that i have on my woocommerce say that “WooCommerce is not able to consider “out of stock” a variable product when only one variation is actually unavailable, but only when all of them are out of stock”

    Did anybody have to face with the same trouble? Found some solutions? Any developer can help me in solve it? I am about to publish a shoes woocommerce with thousands of variations and i can not do it until the issue is solved. Thank you

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  • Plugin Author Mike Jolley


    I think the reason this hasn’t be tackled in core or by an extension yet is due to the way filtering and attributes work.

    You map attribute terms to your variable product, which are then used to make variable products. So in your case, you have Sizes 1,2,3 all assigned to the variable product. So regardless of the actual variations and the actual stock, if you filter on 1,2 and 3, it matches.

    I don’t see a way around this short of removing the attribute and variation as soon as it goes out of stock.

    This is a problem for me too. I would love some way to either (a) Have the plugin check for variation availability when filtering or (b) Find some programatic way to manage the product attribute values based on variation availability and stock. Without one of these, I cannot get filters to function. It’s a big problem and I’m not sure how it isn’t affecting more people.



    I am also dealing with this issue. My company uses variable products almost exclusively. However, without the ability to filter product variations by in stock and available or out of stock and unavailable there is little use for a product filter at all. The information is there in the product data but how can it be accessed to allow for filtering?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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