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  • I’ve finally figured out how to allow comma for tags but haven’t figured out for the custom taxonomies. (source: Filter Tags with Commas)

    // filter for tags with comma
    //  replace '--' with ', ' in the output - allow tags with comma this way
    if(!is_admin()){ // make sure the filters are only called in the frontend
    	function comma_tag_filter($tag_arr){
    		$tag_arr_new = $tag_arr;
    		if($tag_arr->taxonomy == 'post_tag' && strpos($tag_arr->name, '--')){
    			$tag_arr_new->name = str_replace('--',', ',$tag_arr->name);
    		return $tag_arr_new;
    	add_filter('get_post_tag', comma_tag_filter);
    	function comma_tags_filter($tags_arr){
    		$tags_arr_new = array();
    		foreach($tags_arr as $tag_arr){
    			$tags_arr_new[] = comma_tag_filter($tag_arr);
    		return $tags_arr_new;
    	add_filter('get_terms', comma_tags_filter);
    	add_filter('get_the_terms', comma_tags_filter);

    What I’m struggle to do is to have it work for custom taxonomies. I have Authors (that contains LName, FName) and Artists (Which also contains LName, FName).

    Anyone know a way to modify the code I included above that would work with the custom taxonomies? I’ve successfully included the custom taxonomies to the single page by using this code:

    echo "<div class='tags'><span>";
    	echo get_the_term_list( $post->ID, "artists", "Artist:  </span>", ", ","</div>" );

    So, I was wondering if I should use the same ‘get_the_term_list’ part somewhere in the first code block above?

    Many thanks to anyone who could figure it out. If I ever figured it out, I’ll post the solution on here.

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