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  • I was told the plugin directory pages had this feature and it was later removed? Either way it would be useful to filter only updated plugins in addition to say list more popular ones. A good reason for it is to ensure the security of wps with plugins based setups as not updated plugins may be a door for vulnerabilities.

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    An updated plugin doesn’t mean a secure plugin. The security advice is to ensure all plugins are up to date – This means if there is an update then the webmaster has responsibility to update the plugin.

    It is not meaningful to assume a plugin that has an update is secure and plugins that do not have updates are insecure.

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    I would love this filter. There are so many out of date plugins that popup. Not for security but just for sanity. Also can you add a filter to search for plugins that are actually free? I waste so much time downloading plugins that says they are free only to find out the developers are using clickbait.

    yes please!

    Also a search filter that says totally free, partially free, paid, etc.

    I’m not against paid plugins. I just hate wasting time loading stuff that says it is free when it isn’t. If there isn’t anything free available and I want something then of course I will still search through the paid plugins.

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