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    Hi David,

    I’ve been looking at DB-Toolkit for a couple of days now to see how I could use and I’m very impressed.

    My only questions so far are..

    1) How to filter data based on dynamic data (e.g. how to limit the viewable data by a currently logged in user ID)?

    2) OR how to calculate the visible results from expressions based on multiple fields?

    I understand that you are very busy but if you can answer these then it will open up lots of opportunities for me :-).



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  • Hi David,

    Just discovered this plugin a couple of days ago, and it is an absolute dream come true. I love it, and I’m looking forward to using it a lot. I’d like to join the chorus of other people that have offered to help you document and improve the plugin.

    I am trying to implement the same thing as Justin, and would love to hear how it could be done. I’ve tried several things, and had no success so far. I have settled for trying to use a search interface, but that isn’t working either. it shows the search field when I view it in the admin area, but on the front end it shows the unfiltered list (for admin user) or nothing (for contributor user). I’ve tried setting the perms so that everyone can see them, but still nothing. I’m kind of stuck. Hope I’ve caught you at a good time where you might have a minute to offer some insight. I can’t submit a link here but I can via email if needed. 🙂



    Hey guys. I’m trying to do the same exact thing and was wondering if anyone found a solution to the problem. Thanks!

    Hi Evan,

    No I’ve not heard if this is possible or on the road map, it would make things very flexible. I looked at other table plugins but they don’t popluate from pulling data out of the database but expect the user to re-enter into custom posts or meta data which isn’t so elegant a solution consdidering if you have the data already stored.

    If you find or resolve this I’d be very interested 🙂



    I haven’t found anything, but this one feature would make the plugin exponentially more useful. It’s the only feature preventing me from implementing an app.

    Plugin Author David Cramer


    Hi there,
    Sorry for the late reply.

    The feature you are looking for is a fieldtype called “User ID” and falls user auto values.

    what this does is capture the current user ID when adding an entry.
    No field is displayed on the form as its captured in the backend.

    It has two options when selected:
    1: capture updates
    2: apply hard filter

    Capture Updates means that it will capture the user id of the user on an update. This will allow the user id to be changed. unchecked, the original id is retained.

    apply hard filter means the the whole list is now hard filtered to by that field using the current user id as the filter value. IE, shows only entries where this field has the users id.

    Hope that answered the question.

    Thanks I knew there had to be a way.

    Will this “User ID” filter work on a join table?

    The parent table has the User ID field and I was able to apply the hard filter. How to apply the filter to a joined child table?


    The joined table field is displayed on the form. But I’m not able to edit it.

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