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  • Hello, has anybody got a idea how I could solve this problem? I rack my head the whole day and not even know where to look to.

    I have a main menu that is composed of selected categories.
    Below I have a second menu with 7 other categories.
    The selection in the second menu will affect the results of the top menu permanently.

    If a value is selected in the second menu (eg a checkbox), then to the upper menu, use this value as a permanent filter until the category is disabled in the second menu.

    The checkbox in the lower menu must remain active as a filter, even when the top menu, clicked several times.

    I think it’s a kind of search is given only with no user input.

    Tryed a lot of plugins, asked Google 1000 of questions… nothing

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  • The main menu on the home page could include just the ‘check box’ menu and the subsequent pages be the other menu (associated with each check box)…when an item is selected from check box menu, the associated page and menu are displayed….this would require some custom page templates and menus but is quite doable. Another method used often is to have each ‘area’ of a blog or site have a sub-domain. The main home page is your basic info page, current items, etc, and your top menu leads to sub-domains…again all doable with WP.

    Thank u for your fast reply. I’ll try to create a “check box” menu first. Would it be useful to use #tags as a value of the boxes instead of category?

    That depends on what tags and cats are associated per post. WP is a CMS (Content Management System). Spend the required time to break down all your site content, tags, categories etc…design a plan for how it will be displayed and navigated to, and you will find out just how powerful WP can be.

    I know what I want but I do not know how I can transpose it to WP. Here’s a link to my website (Link). The white is the navigation, which I have spoken. Unfortunately, I do not know how I can make the categories checkboxes. The template creates an array and the output formatted with CSS. But I do not see where there is a link is created. That probably makes WP. Are there people who can help me for little money? I would simply create an image and describe how it should look once more briefly, as it should work …

    Are you wanting to make a menu as per the link? It is a WP site that uses a customized version of the Responsive theme. I am sure the site dev. put much work into it. As for hiring, there is a jobs board at WP.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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