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  • I am trying to use Download Monitor to make it easier for folks to find things on my site. The challenge is that I can’t find a way to use categories to filter out and show the “right” downloads for a given page. Here’s what I’m looking for, if anyone knows how to do it:

    DocumentA.txt belongs to categories “December”(1) and “TXT”(3)
    ImageB.png belongs to categories “December”(1) and “IMG”(2)
    DocumentC.rtf belongs to categories “November”(4) and “TXT”(3)
    ImageD.bmp belongs to categories “October”(5) and “IMG”(2) belongs to categories “December”(1) and “ARC”(6)

    On the page where I want to show downloads, I am using the shortcode [downloads query=”category=1,3″], but I get shown this:
    – DocumentA.txt
    – DocumentC.rtf

    When what I really want is just this:
    – DocumentA.txt

    Does anyone have an idea of how to handle this? Am I asking too much of this plug-in? Is there some other way to handle this? Nesting download categories isn’t something that anyone else wants to do?

    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

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