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  1. maires
    Posted 6 years ago #

    Is there anyway to filter the links that are displayed on a category page by the link category...

    For example...

    I have the following categories for posts...

    World of Warcraft
    Warhammer Online
    Darkfall Online etc...

    I have a ton of links in different categories...
    Name Category
    RogueSpot.com Rogue
    WowHead.com WOW
    Thottbot.com WOW
    DarkfallOnline.com DF

    I want to be able to select for each category page which link categories show up on that page... I have searched and searched through plugins / templates / widgets... Everytime I think I am close I find its something to do with posting category lists on the page... I even thought about building a plugin but skimming through the hooks it didnt seem like there was much support for adding this type of functionality... like I said I know very little about wordpress overall... even php is a bit new.

    Is there any guidance that could be given. If anyone knows of someone doing something similar with a hack or a plugin or how to create a loop that would do what i want... I literally want 3 columns on the page of links...

    Maybe we can get some of the top minds to help figure something out if this is something that hasn't been done.

    Oh and I have checked out the Link Directory plugin and it does not seem to do what I need. I will be using this in conjunction with the Category to Subdomain plugin... so...

    wow.mydomain.info -> displays all my wow posts and links
    df.mydomain.info -> displays all my darkfall posts and links ... etc.

    Last thing to remember I am working towards a solution that involves many to many relationships between link categories and post categories / sub domains.

    ~Matt Aires

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