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    My film has 14 screenings.

    On the production page for the film, only the first screening shows.
    [wpt_production_events]{{datetime}} {{remark}} {{tickets}}[/wpt_production_events]
    the other 13 screenings are missing from the front end.

    I have two films where this is happening, other films are listing and displaying as you would expect (with the same code).

    When I list the films in the timetable, only the first event shows, although there are 4 in the week.

    The only thing different about these two films, are their ticket prices on Veezi.

    The timetable here:
    Shows one listing each for Toy Story and Secret Life of Pets.
    They are each being shown 4 times in the listed week.

    The event/film listing showing only one screening:
    Instead of 14.

    Opening and shutting pages as I wrote this, and showing the rest of the month’s listing on the page temporarily, has resulted in Toy Story now extending itself into the following week, and these screenings also now showing on its Event/film page. The Secret Life of Pets, continues to show only the first of its about 14 listings on its event page and on the timetable. Now showing 7 screenings instead of 14.

    What to do?

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  • I’ve managed to get them to show by adding a limit.

    [wpt_production_events limit=”30″]{{datetime}} {{remark}} {{tickets}}[/wpt_production_events]

    Now that they are appearing there, they are appearing in the timetable too.
    But will they still be there tomorrow?
    What an uncomfortable feeling.

    Plugin Author Jeroen Schmit



    What is the current status of this issue? Are all shows still visible? Perhaps they were still being imported from Veezi in the background when the problem occured.

    Hi Jeroen,
    All shows seem to be showing correctly.
    I am sleeping again, worrying less about if they will have disappeared overnight.

    There appears to be some limit on how many events show on the production page.
    Since I explicitly set a large number, all the events are showing on the production event page.

    It was not a background download from veezi problem. All the events were listed on the admin side of the event page. They simply weren’t being included on the public pages.

    But I was having server problems, which perhaps interrupted the process.
    I will make this as resolved.

    Cheers Miriam

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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