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  • Is there a way to pre-fill a WordPress data base. I am using WordPress as a database web interface and would really like to just transfer some of the thousands of entries into WordPress and then modify it.
    I know you can extract the database and move it to another WordPress install but is there any way to converter data, say from FileMaker to something compatible with the MyQSL database and just upload it?

    Thanks for any help,


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  • Hi,
    To me the easy way would be to install WP on your test site, get it working with everything you like, then use PHPAdmin or other tool to export those tables into SQL. The file you’ve produced could be imported into any WP installation.

    But since you mentioned FileMaker, I’m guessing you want to massage the data, not just import/export. (otherwise I can’t imagine why you’d want to bother with the extra step and software). I have no clue about FileMaker, but I’m guessing you could do the same procedure as above, but export into, say, CSV format, or any format that FileMaker can accept. Edit the data, save, export from FileMaker, and then import into whatever.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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