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  • Hi there,

    Our team is wanting to test the waters with wordpress. We are wanting to sell some items through wordpress woocommerce has been AWESOME so far. The features in it are exactly what we’ve been wanting and its cost effective compared to some of the other things we have been looking at

    First I should mention that wordpress has been awesome, we have been able to VERY quickly get pages / functionality running, its awesome!

    Now onto the problem:

    On our current website (done in ASP) all of our items have two pages, an Info page and the actual Product page which can be added to the cart. This info page gets filled with information based on the product you selected.

    The info on the info page is completely dynamic; that is the information on the page gets pulled from the database, besides the header and footer, nothing is static. We have about 32 products we want to sell, that means 32 dynamic info pages!

    How, using wordpress can we achieve the same thing?
    I saw the docs about creating custom page templates, but then I would have to create 32 different page templates, one for each product? Is there another way around this?

    I understand nothing in WP is static, essentially I just want a dynamic page that loads dynamic information based on a selection.


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