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  • Our Ham Radio Club Has a few Scripts for Nets we hold over the Ham Radio. In the scripts there is a few spots we have fill in the blank Here’s a link to one of the scripts.
    and example of what I’m speaking about is:
    I am [your call sign], Net Control Operator for tonight
    the net control would fill in his call sign by saying his call sign.
    What I’m looking for is a way to have a blank where the net control can fill in the info and after he or her finished filling in the blanks can print the script out with the info.
    I know I can do this with a form maker plugin. but is there a form maker plugin or a plugin that can provide a fill in spot on any page on the site without going into the plugin and making a form. in other words be an option in the wordpress editor.

    Ham radio call Sign: N2RGA

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    Sorry for the slow reply. I don’t know about plugins, but I think you can accomplish what you want with custom shortcodes. Shortcode tags cannot have spaces, but otherwise their use would be exactly like your example.
    “I am [your_call_sign], Net Control Operator for tonight”

    The shortcode handler could maybe get the current user’s call sign from his user meta. Whatever the handler returns will be output in place of [your_call_sign]. The user profile screen can be modified to include a call sign field. Similar for any other fields you want to be auto-filled on a per user basis.

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