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  • MagicReal1


    When I try to upload files (images, PDFs, anything) they upload as temp only, with URLs like this:

    The links are no good and lead to PAGE NOT FOUND.

    I have an older version of WordPress (2.1). Don’t think this upload problem is the same as the one with WP 2.6 that has been reported a lot on these pages.

    I don’t get any error messages – the file appears to upload OK – but then the URL has all the slashes and and stops in it, which means it won’t load.

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  • moshu


    Most likely you were hacked!
    If you try a search for that kind of upload path (../../../../) you will find quite a few posts.



    [and never double post – it gets deleted quickly]



    Thank you Moshu.

    How do I upgrade and which version should I upgrade to? 2.6.2 ?

    I work on a MAC. The WordPress site was set up for our company by a third party. Will I be able to do the upgrade myself?

    PS> I only double posted because i couldn’t find my original post. I won’t do it again. Although i may write a separate post asking advice on how to upgrade, in case you don’t read this current post again.




    your site is compromised.

    you need to upgrade, just like moshu said — and you need to upgrade to the most current version (isnt that kinda obvious??)

    instructions for doing so are here:

    Will I be able to do the upgrade myself?

    No-one here can answer that. If you cant, find someone that likes money and pay them to do it and all the other necessary tasks. Lots of do this stuff in our sleep, and enjoy $$ immensely.

    The upgrade will NOT take care of that path ((../../../../). you will need to fix it. You can do that while you are looking for rogue users inside your users table.

    If you need more info, up in the right hand corner of every page on this web site is a search box — use it, type in the word: hacked.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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