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  • I uploaded a large 25 meg file via ftp to the wordpress/upload folder where the rest of my uploads are stored because the wordpress uploader would time out. Now that my large file is there, I can’t find a way to view it in the Manage/Uploads tab of the wordpress admin site. I’m using a plugin to embed videos from my upload folder but if I ftp the file to the upload folder, the plugin can’t see the file either. Any ideas how to find it, link it, fix it. I’m not a techy so I don’t know the right questions to ask.

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  • I’m running into the same problem with the 2.1.2 wp install.

    I uploaded one .jpg, one .mov, one .avi, and one .pdf, just to see what I could see (since my initial attempt to see an uploaded video file failed), and only the jpg showed up. So I went over to Options>Misc and checked the “Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders” box and voila! I can now see the avi file. But the others still don’t show up.

    I really don’t want all the extra folders to be created, I don’t see the real advantage of it, since I don’t plan on uploading much. But I’ll do it if I have to.

    I’m ready to hard code a fix if I have to. Just somebody tell me where and how. I want to be able to view and at least copy and paste the full path of every file I put in there.

    I’ve searched and searched plugins and support for an answer to this. I also want to imbed video files from my uploads folder into my blog. I would like it to be totally easy for non-techy person to use. No extra software for “converting” normal avi, mov, or mpeg file to something else (whatever player the plugin uses should be able to play popular video formats), and less guesswork for selecting and imbedding files in the post. It’s for a family blog, and I want my sister to have some chance of figuring it out.

    Wordtube has a great “add your video/music file to post” interface (you can browse the upload folder & select!), but it requires you to download a separate player AND a program that converts popular video formats to one that can be played by the player. Anarchy Media Player uses a flash player that plays popular formats, but you have to know the path of the files (cause you can’t see um!) and know the pixel size – which would Never work for my sister!


    If you go to your FTP programme, and go into the folder where your uploads are stored, ask your programme to view the ‘Owner/Group’ (in FileZilla this is View > Remote List View > Owner/group)

    What you will find is that when you upload via FTP, the ‘owner’ of the file is different to when you upload via WP. For some reason, WP uploader can only view directories and files that it has uploaded itself, not via FTP. Don’t ask me why lol

    just sitting at my boss’ desk (well standing as he’s sleeping *hehe*)

    Anyways: Uploaded a bunch of files to the /wp-content/2007/07/-Folder but can’t see them in the Mediamanager. Tried to set access-permissions from reading to “write worldwide” – doesn’t show up. PLEEEEASE help 😉

    it’s because when you upload it via WP it also registers in the database as a post

    I find that I also can’t view items uploaded via normal FTP into the wp-content/uploads/year/month directory (that being the particular config I chose).

    This is particular important since the web interface doesn’t let me transfer multiple items. Having to do each of 50 files individually is not acceptable (I’m converting over a series of articles originally written as straight HTML).

    There are definitely entires appearing in the wp_posts table with post_type of “attachment” corresponding to my uploads through the web interface, so omgitztrey is clearly right about the immediate issue. Furthermore that means there’s no really trivial solution.

    But how about a button on the admin page near uploads that would run a script that created those wp_posts entries for any new files that it found in the uploads directories? Having to manipulate things strictly through the browser is a severe constraint, and when the images already exist *on the server* and I have to manually download them to my desktop and then upload them one at a time through my browser, well, that’s not a happy time. Even a script I ran manually on the server would be fine; I think of this as something people will need to go through mostly when creating big content pieces.

    I have the same problem and found something that helps it shows up all your files but not in the uploads tag in wp admin i still want it to show up but this good for now.

    Download Link:

    WordPress Organizer

    Organizer is a worpress plugin.

    This plugin help the wordpress users to manage the files uploaded to their blog.

    These are some the feature of this plugin.

    * View all files uploaded in you wp-content/uploads directory and all the sub directories or the directory you have set to store your uploads

    * Copy / Rename / Delete files in the uploads directory

    * Create / Rename / Delete directories

    * Upload files to the uploads directory

    * Resize image files on your uploads directory

    * Supports mutiple users and permissions

    * Changes the filenames automatically in your post when you change the filenames in your upload directory

    * Changes the attachment post to maintain the post cross links

    * Supports roles and you can set permission based on each user what can do with this plugin.

    Download Link:

    quick workaround for this problem –
    if you want to upload a big file you have to do it by ftp as there will be php upload limits set on your server that have nothing to do with wordpress.
    to make it show in your uploads in WP, upload a small file with exact same name and extension as the big file you want to upload using the upload form on the write page,
    then in your ftp prog overwrite the file with the actual big file of exactly the same name and extension.
    Not ideal – but it works!!

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