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  • Resolved Giulio Alfonso


    Hey, im on macOS, and if I upload a PNG the file get stored well on the server, but if i want to download it, it is corrupted (using safari).

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  • Plugin Author thomstark


    Disable error display in your wp-config.php and in your php.ini and try downloading it again

    I am very sorry, but it doesn’t help.

    Plugin Author thomstark


    Can you open the corrupted file in a text editor and see if you any readable text?

    not really. But I found a error log (sys.log)

    2018/12/23 04:13:43 [error] 4526#4526: *2431 upstream prematurely closed connection while reading upstream, client: <XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX>, server: _, request: “GET /wp-content/plugins/file-away/lib/cls/class.fileaway_downloader.php?fileaway=LXtgooyVNscjn1Qrgv8D1gE%2BmUuSBrQxhopf%2BUQbX8Xyq4mJqVUlOa1%2FOeqqDOyOh1ccTvZcYBwgMXRgs9WV0u449VXXBpJDE8jEWW9XSW2zb89etuyBtjlC9LqXxJjh&nonce=1295b8acf7 HTTP/1.1”, upstream: “”, host: “www.<domain-name>.de”, referrer: “https://www.<domain-name>.de/konto/drive/”

    Maybe this is helpful?

    Plugin Author thomstark


    That’s going to be a server configuration issue. I would just google “upstream prematurely closed connection while reading upstream” and see what help you can find.

    Hey, finally I found the bug!

    My theme used a function callback($buffer) that (why ever) makes the files useless.

    Now the error is gone.

    So thank you for your time! I will give the theme author a kick in the ass 😉

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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