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  • We are testing the FREE version (updated to 1.9.3) on a vanilla WordPress 3.6.1 installation (with only other plugin activated Theme My Login).

    We are testing the plugin with uploading to the ROOT directory ABOVE the HTTP directory for document security.

    However, files that are uploaded are seen and downloadable as Admin from the Home tab of the Plugin, but NOT from the User Files /Uploader or the Shortcode embedded on a Page (nothing appears in those lists, no icons, no file names).

    Any ideas? I was about to purchase the paid version and put this plugin into production for my client. (as it meets a lot of our criteria for our purposes and seems like a great plugin otherwise).

    Thank yoU!

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  • Quick update. I just tried changing the directory structure from above the HTTP root to into the standard “uploads/sp-client-document-manager/” (i.e. blank fields in settings), and again, the files are there (and the thumbnails), and they can be seen and downloaded from the Home Tab in the Plugin, but not from the User Files /Uploader tab, nor from the front end short code embedded page, nor from the Admin User’s Edit User Dashboard page.

    Now, oddly, if I switch from the Admin account to a standard Author user account I get better results. Files that the user uploads can be seen in the four different available directories IF that user is logged in.

    However if I modify a Folder from the Settings Tab / Folders dropdown from the Admin user ownership to the standard Author User as owner, then the original Admin files can no longer be found, even by the new owner.

    P.S. I have tried deactivating and re-activating and clicking the “click here to make sure your database structure is correct” link, but this brings no solution.

    Something is wonky.

    Plugin Author smartypants


    Hey hows it going, I need to see your problem first hand. Could you please send login information using our contact form on

    Will do. I am just doing a complete ground-up fresh install first. Just in case.

    I am suspecting that the problem is mostly contained to the administrator accounts, but I will confirm when I send the login information.

    I managed to get side-tracked. Completed a fresh install of WP and latest SP Client Document Manager (free) and the wonkiness continues.

    Backend uploads via admin tabs into either an admin account or a user account don’t appear in the backend tabs or the front end document manager.

    Admin uploads from the front end do appear in the front end document manager folder window.

    And oddly now regular user account uploads from the front end don’t appear on the front end for the user.

    All uploads are on the server, and show in the Home Tab “Latest Downloads” for the admin user backend.

    I am sending login information directly to you smartypants via the contact form now.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Update: smartypants looked at our installation and declared no problem found, even though it was still there.

    There is definitely an issue in the Free version, files uploaded from the backend do not appear properly in the file directories.

    I tried the Trial Pro version and this corrected the problems with file appearance, however it has two new issues:

    1) deleting files from the backend Home or Upload Tab doesn’t delete the actual file from the server, while deleting a file from the front end does delete the file. It’s a permissions problem likely. and

    2) the system creates cached versions of the uploaded or viewed files in the document root folder, and those don’t get deleted when a file is deleted which is a big document security and potential server space issue.

    Unfortunately, for our purposes, we are going to have to declare this very promising Plugin not working correctly for our vanilla test version of WP 3.6.1 and not ready for production for our client until these issues are addressed. Still too risky for production use for private corporate documents.

    I am trying to display the file manger in the dashboard for a client. I have a custom menu plugin where I can link to a page (i.e. admin.php?page=sp-client-document-manager-fileview) Do you know what page I need to link to to see the Fileview?

    Also, are the files restricted per user so no one else can see them?

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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