• Hello everyone,
    I have uploaded files to the WP directory under my main website, but the files don’t show up in the media folder when I’m in the dashboard of WP. Is there any other way of making the files show up? I don’t want to tinker with the php.ini. I just want to upload them using ftp into the media directory.

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  • Did you upload the files through the WP admin area, or did you use FTP (or sile other file transfer/moving system) to move them there?

    The files and images in the Media area of the administration section are there because they are added in through the WordPress system. There’s a lot of information stored in the databse about the files apart form just the file name.

    What I’d suggest doing is deleting whatever you’ve added from your server, then go back and add them in using the admin are of your WordPress site.

    Hi Michael,
    I used FTP to upload them. How do I increase the size of the file limit? On the other hand, since it’s a movie, perhaps it would be better to just create link for it.

    You most likely won’t be able to increase teh upload size limit. That’s something set by your hosting company. You can contact them to see if they can do something to increase this limit. Some will, but some won’t.

    There is a way that I have used in the past to upload larger files. It’s a big of a workaround, but it works.

    1. Create a new file on your comptuer somewhere. It can be anything at all.
    2. Add some short content to it, like a couple of words of text.
    3. Rename the file – including it’s extension – to the name of the movie file that you want to upload.
    4. Upload the dummy file through the WP admin area.
    5. Find where the file is stored, and use FTP to upload your real movie file to overwrite the dummy file – make sure that they are the same file name!!

    That will let you have the file in your media area, and use it however you normally would.

    Wow Michael,
    I never thought of that! Thanks, I’ll try it.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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