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[resolved] Filepath to Images Not Correct (7 posts)

  1. SpillnerDesign
    Posted 2 years ago #


    your plugin seems awesome so far but I can't get it going quite right yet.

    The filepath to the images is not being inserted right. I am running my website on a localhost for development purposes.

    The path is being displayed as follows: http://localhost/eggert/C:/xampp/htdocs/eggert/wp-content/gallery/chicago/img_4243.jpg

    So he puts the absolute filepath right after the URL for the website. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong or how to repair this?

    Many thanks.


  2. Benedikt Mo
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    hm... maybe a xampp problem.

    Do you run xampp on windows or mac?

  3. fredzzz
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Here the same problem. I'm running xampp on windows.

    How can i solve the problem?

  4. SpillnerDesign
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I'm running xampp on widows as well.

    I'll just try on a live site then. But if you figure something out I'd be happy to read it here.

  5. miguelpinheiro
    Posted 2 years ago #

    hi all,

    I am using windows operating system as host and I have noticed the same problem in both BMo Expo and Nextgen ScrollGallery plugins.
    I think the problem comes from metadata info about images. In my case, they come from NextGen Gallery.
    Yesterday, I wrote an routine to strip ABSPATH info from $picture->path and the Nextgen ScrollGallery plugin is working as expected. Even the "divide by zero" error was gone. I consider I am in beta version and tomorrow after more tests I will have a final version to send to Benedikt Mo as a suggestion.

  6. miguelpinheiro
    Posted 2 years ago #

    @Benedikt Mo

    I made a routine to fix filepath to images as SpillnerDesign said.
    I have tested it with the version 1.8.2 of Nextgen ScrollGallery, but I believe it fix BMo Expo plugin in the same way.
    I hope you would like this routine.
    side note: this is not related to "divide by zero" error.

    // mlsp
    /* the problem
     * I have noticed that scrollgallery create links to images using the following code
     *	SCROLLGALLERY_SITEBASE_URL . "/" . $picture->path ."/" . $picture->file
     * This works in almost all unix environments, but, in windows, $picture->path has the absolute fullpath to the image file and the link become invalid.
     * Like that: http://mysite.org/wordpress/E:/Home/httpdocs/wordpress/wp-content/gallery/2013/dsc_3823.jpg
    /* the goal
     *In the example above, E:/Home/httpdocs/wordpress/wp-content/gallery/2013 is the $picture->path and needs to be adjusted.
     *My goal is to remove the absolute fullpath part from the result of $picture->path.
    /* the strategy
     *	I have noticed the part I want to remove is the absolute full path to site I know as ABSPATH.
     *	Then I made a routine named nggSGStartPath that remove the ABSPATH from $picture->path and inserted the code
     *		$picture->path = nggSGStartPath(SCROLLGALLERY_SITEBASE_HOMEPATH,$picture->path);
     *	at the right place.
     *	There is one caveat, I mean, ABSPATH is like E:\Home\httpdocs\wordpress/ (note the first and the last slash) and $picture->path is like E:/Home/httpdocs/wordpress/wp-content/gallery/2013.
     *	I have to deal with it.
     *	We believe this routine does not break unix hosted systems.
    //this routine removes the start of a full path as e:\folder1\folder2 becomes \folder2 after removing e:\folder1
    //but startPath needs to be at least 2 characters long (this is to not touch fullPath when "" or "\") and be smaller than fullPath (this is to avoid an error in substr)
    //yet, we deal with slashes in StartPath, but not in FullPath (we trust FullPath uses only /)
    function nggSGStartPath ($strStartPath = "", $strFullPath = "", $intMinLen = 2){
     		if (strlen($strStartPath)< $intMinLen)              return (string) $strFullPath;          // does nothing
    		if (strlen($strStartPath) >= strlen($strFullPath))  return (string) $strFullPath;          // does nothing
    		$strStartPath = str_replace("\\","/", $strStartPath );  // any slash (\) must be translated in (/) to be web friendly as in FullPath
    		if (strtolower($strStartPath)==strtolower(substr($strFullPath, 0, strlen($strStartPath)))) {
    				// if we found startPath in the begining of FullPath then we cut it off.
    				$strFullPath = substr($strFullPath,strlen($strStartPath));
    				return (string) $strFullPath;
    return (string) $strFullPath; // does nothing
  7. Benedikt Mo
    Plugin Author

    Posted 2 years ago #

    Hi miguelpinheiro,
    thank you very much for that fix.
    I will check your code and will integrate it in the next version.
    Best regards Benedikt

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