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  • Resolved Adrian


    filebase messed up the formatting of all pages with wp-filebase shortcodes.

    Maybe introduced a conflict with another plugin, but I wasn’t able to confirm that or figure out which plugin might have been conflicting.

    I downgraded to filebase and it’s working fine again.

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  • interesting. i’m having the same issue. took the same steps and that worked as well.

    i also noticed (when i was being all stubborn and trying to troubleshoot it a bit so i didn’t have to downgrade) that the page choked on the first file attachment in my default format… but not when using the simple format of a link.

    also i noticed this new error across the top of the main WP-Filebase admin screen:
    “File Browser post or page not set! Some features like search will not work. Click here to set the File Browser Post ID.”

    and the “Post ID of the file browser” setting wouldn’t allow me to leave the space blank (it would auto populate with a 0 after save), and then gave me an error message:
    “Warning: The Filebrowser page has at least one subpage Contact us. This will cause unexpected behavior, since all requests to the subpages are redirected to the File Browser Page. Please choose a Page that does not have any subpages for File Browser.”

    so.. not sure if that was causing this error or not… or is related at all.

    Plugin Author Fabian


    tray, you can ignore that new error message, it should only show up if you have actually set the Post ID to something different than 0. Will fix this with the next update.

    About the formatting issue:
    Can you provide a URL of the page?
    What templates are affected?

    since the site is live, i just rolled back to the previous version to fix the formatting. but the even more strange thing about the error was that when i viewed the source code for the page, the error was not found and all the code was in tact, all the way to the bottom.

    not sure if that helps at all. if you’d like, i can set up a dev site and try to replicate the error.

    one other note is that this is on a WordPress multisite setup. not sure if that makes any difference.

    My site which had this problem is also a live site.
    I backed down to so I can’t give you a URL which demonstrates the problem.
    However mine is not a multisite setup.
    I think there must have been some php problem which prevented the complete page being generated because the widgets which normally appear in the right navbar didn’t show.
    Previous errors like this have been caused by a variable naming conflict.

    Plugin Author Fabian


    Its most likely a syntax error in your file template. Please post the code here.

    Before, html comments in templates were removed. This has changed since it also strips embedded JavaScript code.

    Now with a syntax error in a template, it can happen that there’s a HTML comment begin (<!–) but missing end (–>)

    alright. i re-updated my plugin, now that it’s the middle of the night. the template that seems to be “choking” is the “default” template. (code pasted below) i didn’t change this template at all, so it should still all be the same as what came with the plugin originally.

    <div class="wpfilebase-attachment">
     <div class="wpfilebase-fileicon"><a href="%file_url%" title="Download %file_display_name%"><img align="middle" src="%file_icon_url%" alt="%file_display_name%" /></a></div>
     <div class="wpfilebase-rightcol">
      <div class="wpfilebase-filetitle">
       <a href="%file_url%" title="Download %file_display_name%">%file_display_name%</a><br />
       %file_name%<br />
       <!-- IF %file_version% -->%'Version:'% %file_version%<br /><!-- ENDIF -->
       <!-- IF %file_post_id% AND %post_id% != %file_post_id% --><a href="%file_post_url%" class="wpfilebase-postlink">%'View post'%</a><!-- ENDIF -->
      <div class="wpfilebase-filedetails" id="wpfilebase-filedetails%uid%" style="display: none;">
      <table border="0">
       <!-- IF %file_languages% --><tr><td><strong>%'Languages'%:</strong></td><td>%file_languages%</td></tr><!-- ENDIF -->
       <!-- IF %file_author% --><tr><td><strong>%'Author'%:</strong></td><td>%file_author%</td></tr><!-- ENDIF -->
       <!-- IF %file_platforms% --><tr><td><strong>%'Platforms'%:</strong></td><td>%file_platforms%</td></tr><!-- ENDIF -->
       <!-- IF %file_requirements% --><tr><td><strong>%'Requirements'%:</strong></td><td>%file_requirements%</td></tr><!-- ENDIF -->
       <!-- IF %file_category% --><tr><td><strong>%'Category:'%</strong></td><td>%file_category%</td></tr><!-- ENDIF -->
       <!-- IF %file_license% --><tr><td><strong>%'License'%:</strong></td><td>%file_license%</td></tr><!-- ENDIF -->
       <!-- <tr><td><strong>%'MD5 Hash'%:</strong></td><td><small>%file_hash%</small></td></tr> -->
     <div class="wpfilebase-fileinfo">
      %file_size%<br />
      %file_hits% %'Downloads'%<br />
      <a href="#" onclick="return wpfilebase_filedetails(%uid%);">%'Details'%...</a>
     <div style="clear: both;"></div>

    ok. nevermind. it seems like the problem resolved itself for me after downgrading, and re-upgrading again… strange.

    I reinstalled 2.9.35
    the problem of messed up formatting is still present
    I looked in the generated HTML and found an unclosed comment like you suggested:

    There are quite a few occurrences of
    in the generated HTML on my WordPress site so I have to check where they are coming from.

    The comment should have been shown as
    <!--<br />

    This unclosed comment looks as though it’s in a section of code generated by WP-Filebase 2.9.35
    Here is a longer extract

    <td>1 February, 2013</td>
    <p>   <!--<br />
    <td><strong>MD5 Hash:</strong></td>
    <p> –><br />
    <div class="wpfilebase-fileinfo">
      1.3 MiB<br />
      154 Downloads<br />
      <a href="#" onclick="return wpfilebase_filedetails(1);">Details…</a>

    I’m going to revert to 2.9.34 again

    Plugin Author Fabian


    adriandw, please post your template code here.

    I can post the template code if you like but I’m just using the default Filebase template.

    I have upgraded from 2.9.34 to 2.9.36 and the problem has gone away.
    Thank you.


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