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  • Goodmorning everyone,

    I’ve got a question for u guys,
    Last night i was working on a WordPress website and i uploaded my .cc and .php files. Everything worked except for the .css file, it took about 1,5 hour before the styles were visible on the site.

    After that i changed some lines in the .css document and they were not directly visible on the site. After a ouple of houres i checked again and the changes were visible.

    This doesn’t work for me..

    Has anyone the same problems or knows the problem and could help me out?

    I already checked the cache in several webbrowsers and that’s not the issue. I cleared the cache a couple of times in firefox, and the changes still didn’t show up.

    With best regards,

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  • HI

    If you haver super cache or total cache, their caches take time before regenerating themselves too.

    Well i don’t use those plugins but even if i did it shouldn’t take this long to regenerate a pretty simple css file…

    Maybe your css headers are set to expire only in a day or two.

    then an intermediary cache still sends you old css.

    Well I’m using:

    Ctrl + Shift + R

    To reload my pages and clear the catch, and it seems to work out for me!
    Thnx for the responses though

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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