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  • I have set up a Members Only area and passworded it to protect it. In the Members area, I have several child sub-pages where I want to hold document files,show/list these files (.doc) and allow them to be downloaded to the members. I’ve tried Download Manager plug in and Download Monitor plug-in. I thought Download Mgr to be of questionable value so I looked to Download Monitor. It allows the upload but the file never shows up anywhere (that I can see). It does show up under the Admin panel so I know it’s there. What I need is for it to show up in the appropriate Members Area subpage.

    I’ve read all about templates and understand it a little. Still, this whole WP/PHP business if full of some rather bizarre and arcane syntax which would take me, the novice, quite some time to figure out and get right. And, the other thing is, I don’t have access to the raw wp files through the template editor – the webhost is maintaining that function to himself. So, I set the pages up, I just can’t make the uploaded documents appear where I want/need them to appear.

    So, as far as running a “document storage and retrieval system”, am I barking up the wrong tree here? Or am I going to have to figure out some template edit.

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  • blonkm


    I am planning on doing the same thing, but instead just use the password field of a post. The client can go to the post, type the password and see downloads. They cannot upload though. I am still wondering how to tie in ssl and block robots. A lot is manual of course this way, since the client has to make their own links after the upload. Still it’s a quick way of making this. Let me know if you have any other improvements.

    Hi blonkm – how did you get your members to be able to view the downloads? I used cforms II to get the uploads to work, but now need to provide a ‘list’ of these uploaded docs for others to view/download. What did you do to make this happen?

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