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    When I go to the Upload section of the administration panel I get this message:

    It doesn’t look like you can use the file upload feature at this time because the directory you have specified (/home/peakoil/peakoilportal-www/crudeoil/wp-content) doesn’t appear to be writable by WordPress. Check the permissions on the directory and for typos.

    When I log into my hosting server this is what is says for permissions: (I have no idea what this means)
    drwxrwxr-x (I have no idea what this means)

    But what does it need to be changed to?

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  • Ok never mind I actually managed to fix that one on my own. However, it was by accident!!! But its a workin!!

    However, I thought this was causing two problems. It has fixed the first one but has not fixed the second one.

    I’m trying to edit my sidebar. I go to Manage > Files on the admin panel. It will allow me to view the sidebar file but it dosen’t seem to want to let me edit it. I can make changes to the file but there is no button to save those changes. Additionally, I leave come back and the file its back to its good old self without the changes I need. Also it also says at the bottom of the file, not in the box with the code thought directly below:

    If this file was writable you could edit it.

    So how can I go about editing files online in this section without haveing to use a text editor and FTPing those bad boys to my hosting server?

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