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  • Anonymous

    The features that I would love to see included in a future release all have to do with the file upload software. In it’s current incarnation it’s basically useless to me.
    1) It would be really great to be able to select the directory that the file is uploaded to, rather than just dumping everything in the same directory. For example, I tend to organize my uploads by date like so:
    2003 –> 01-jan

    2004 –> 01-jan
    This feature could easily be accomplished by letting the user rename the file to be uploaded. In that manner the could prepend a path to the file name to stear the upload to a specific directory.
    2) When a file is uploaded and a thumbnail image is created, the software should change the suggested code so that it creates a link out of the thumbnail to the large size image. That’s just common sense but the software doesn’t do that. As it is, unless you know how to code html you’re screwed. I can do the html but my wife and kids have no clue.

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  • danielck


    Perhaps Image Manager is something you are looking for?


    I tried out the Image Manager software you recommended. It’s not bad, but it’s not quite what I was looking for. It’s got a ton of features but not really the features I want. I could easily do without all the image editing features, I do that before uploading and posting a weblog. The software also has the extremely annoying feature of creating thumbnails for every image you happen to pass by, and re-creating thumbnails that are old. It’s just too much automation and too little user control for my tastes.
    All I really want is an expanded dialog that will allow me to upload to different directories, will give me a chance to create a thumbnail of whatever size I want, and will automatically generate the simple html that matches the info I’ve given. It’s actually rather simlistic. It really ought to just be built into WordPress. But I guess I’m going to have to try to code it myself.

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